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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 16 & some insight

Im losing weight - finally!!! :) The gap between my thighs is back :) Im in love, and my laptop gets hooked on my ribs when Im sitting/laying :)......other things in my life aren't going as well...but I think that may be because I make them more complicated and stress myself out?

I think I have a huge problem with relationships....they never last...and its usually my fault...things are fantastic for the first bit, then I find some fault (of my own) and convince myself that he will never stay with me anyways so I give numerous options and reasons to leave me and then when that doesnt work and we are talking serious commitment, babies, marriage, houses, everything, Im all gung-ho for the first bit and then it just stops cold and I dont want it anymore....then I usually end up feeling so guilty about it that I do something on purpose to make the relationship end because I cant bring myself to do it.....I think I am just too scared that it wont last, that his feelings will change so I make myself change mine, I back up and close myself off so I dont get too badly hurt....its a huge issue for me.

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