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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 14

Two weeks. Two whole weeks and I've not lost near enough...its measurement day but Im not measuring because Im bloated from my cycle...I will weigh later though....

Im just feeling discouraged, that its not going to matter how skinny I get because it will never be enough, that I will never get skinny....I so badly want to be the size I used to be before I tried to recover.

Im not eating lunch today, so far Ive had green tea, and then Im planning on soup, 300 cals or less, thats all...I dont even have an appetite, I just want to go to sleep, I feel like I could sleep forever, and I am so cold.

I go to school and I function on autopilot.  I take the notes but I have no idea what we even talk about, which isn't good if I want to pass this last year of college....

I am just so FAT, so disgustingly fat.

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